APS Laptop Program

In April of 2010, the Arcadia Public School Board of Education approved the adoption of the 1:1 Initiative for all students grade 7-12. The 1:1 Initiative provides a laptop for each student which grants them the opportunity to develop 21st Century Skills that are needed within today's workforce. The funding for this project has been made available through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. From May 2013 through August 2013 the school network underwent enhancements. New wireless routers were installed to allow students to move from class to class without losing network access along with an upgraded router and switch. Client machines were also upgraded to Windows 8 and Microsoft 2013.

The implementation of the 1:1 Inititiative for grades K-12 has provided the opportunity for technology integration within all classroom.

In today's world, our young people (the iY generation) are accustomed to instant information because of handheld technology. They are an EPIC generation: Experential, Participatory, Image-rich, and Connected. The 1:1 Initiative hands each student a tool, their laptop, which provides them with a connection to current, useful, and worldwide information.


APS Laptop Policy & Procedures

Student Laptop Orientation