Response to Intervention (RtI)

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     The Arcadia RTI team consists of professionals trained in the RTI process.  These professionals include the following: principal, counselor, school psychologist, special education teacher, two high school teachers, and two elementary teachers.  Using their combined expertise, they identify student issues, brainstorm interventions, and develop action plans.  The Student Assistance Team (SAT) and RTI were designed for the same purpose and as such the Arcadia School District made the decision to combine the two into one, RTI.
     The APS school district has chosen to utilize AIMSweb as the universal reading screener for students K-12.  On a bimonthly basis the RTI team meets to analyze data and review the RTI process.  Using the data the team selects specific interventions for those students needing more intensive services.  These intensive services, known as interventions, may include the review of specific cards from the general curriculum (Treasures), 6 Minute Solutions, and REWARDS.   The Arcadia RTI Team works diligently to utilize the key components of RTI as a guideline to ensure all students at APS have continued success.